Affiliate Marketplace For Lead Providers

Lead Envy Affiliate Marketplace will help connect lenders with lead providers, affiliates and publishers in the small dollar lending space and beyond.

Lead Envy is developing an affiliate marketplace to help lenders connect with more direct affiliates, publishers, networks and lead providers. Since the initial government lockdown in March due to Covid-19, lead volume fell precipitously. The downturn caused shortfalls in lead providers’ inventory, leading to a drop in what lenders were able to deploy on the street. In addition to the drop in demand, in-person conferences are cancelled depriving companies of introductions and opportunities. The Lead Envy Affiliate Marketplace aims to solve these issues.

Sell (& Buy!) From More Lenders With Affiliate Marketplace

The benefit for affiliates to connect with more lenders to place their leads is obvious: the more direct lender connections, the higher the payout. What is less glaring is that lenders are generating their own leads to a greater extent than ever before. Organic traffic to their website comes along with years of branding and dealing directly with consumers. What happens to leads they cannot originate, though?

The Lead Envy Affiliate Marketplace will automatically populate the lender’s list of potential buyers in their ping tree. A lender will no longer have to figure out the best place to send their leads because it will be easy to activate the affiliate as a buyer!

Affiliate Marketplace Streamlines The On-Boarding Process

Setting up a new lead provider is not a streamlined process for lenders. On-boarding new affiliates is laborious process due to all the manual steps involved. Once the two parties indicate their desire to work together, they embark on a time-intensive exchange of paperwork, filters, caps and price points before it even falls in the technical pipeline. Tech then begins programming API’s and testing leads.

In the Lead Envy Affiliate Marketplace, it will all be turn-key. The API into Lead Envy is set once…and only onc“We spent so much time integrating a new lead provider that ultimately generated less than 10 leads a day. It wasn’t worth the effort.”e. The only thing that changes with each lender is the credentials and price points. Filters are automatically sent to the lead provider, including any changes.

“We spent so much time integrating a new lead provider that ultimately generated less than 10 leads a day. It wasn’t worth the effort.”

– Lender on Lead envy’s platform

Advertising Within Affiliate Marketplace

Bundled in with the new affiliate marketplace is advertisement placement to get the affiliate’s name out in front of lender prospects. Release notes, monthly newsletters and social media posts will feature banners displaying the affiliates enrolled in the marketplace. In addition, a new banner will appear each lender’s instance to provide greater reach.

For an affiliate looking for the utmost visibility, platinum spots for greater exposure, including prominent display and higher frequency. Our goal is to have affiliates on the Lead Envy Affiliate Marketplace working directly with each and every lender on the platform. The more connections, the greater the transparency.


Once a lender “activates” an affiliate listed in the affiliate marketplace, their lender questionnaire will go out to the contact person on the affiliate’s profile. It will contain vital information about the lending entity, as part of the due diligence process. The affiliate’s vendor questionnaire will also be available for the lender, as well.

Each lead provider profile will include key contact information such as:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Email Address
  • Logo
  • OLA Seal (only if they are members of the Online Lenders Alliance)

Ready to grow your business? Fill out the form on our contact page and indicate in the message that you’re interested in the affiliate marketplace. Let the intros begin!

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